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The Number 1 Fear That People Have

Who Are Approaching Or In Retirement


Not Having Enough Money

Read on . . . we have the only safe and guaranteed solution to this nightmare!

Do You Know Anybody That Has Had Their Nest Egg

Severely Damaged or Wiped Out?

Could It Happen To You?

This is a true story. I know this person very well.

Beth retired in 1998 with a sizable amount of money in her IRA. With the help of a financial planner, her money was invested in a variety of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. All was well until the stock market plunged 37.8% from 2000 to 2002. The financial planner told Beth not to worry because the market would come back.

She lightened up on stocks, but her advisor suggested that she keep some money in the market for growth and to hopefully get back some of those losses. She got a part time job to help with living expenses, but that job eventually dried up. Beth's account limped along through the next few years until the market plunged 53.9% from 2007 to 2009. In 2011, only 13 years into her retirement, Beth used the last of her IRA money.

69 years old, and Beth's nest egg was completely gone. She was too old to get a meaningful job. Social Security didn't even come close to paying the bills. So, in order to live, she took out a home equity loan, took what she needed every month, and only paid the interest. Credit cards were used when necessary, but only the minimum payment (at 19% interest) was sent in every month. Eventually, she would lose her home and probably file for bankruptcy. She died a year later before it got that far.

4 Crucial Questions About Your Retirement Money

1. Do you worry about losing a huge chunk of your retirement money in the crazy stock market?

Your money is guaranteed not to lose value in an annuity with our insurance companies.

2. Do you worry that your retirement money is barely growing because it’s sitting in some bank account paying less than 1%?

An annuity from some of our insurance companies will grow your money for future income at high guaranteed rates (6% . . . 8% . . .10%) for as long as ten years. That’s all on top of a first-year bonus of as much as 10%. You can more than double your income account value in ten years.

3. Do you worry that you will outlive your money and only have Social Security to live on?

Annuities from our companies actually guarantee payments for the rest of your life (and

spouse if married) .

4. Wouldn’t you like peace of mind?

If you’re worried about your retirement money in an IRA . . . in a 401K . . . in a bank . . . or under your mattress, CALL US TODAY at (630) 985-9700. We can help. You will love the peace of mind we can add to your retirement . . . now and for the rest of your life.

  • No more guessing and hoping what your income will be. You will know from day one what your guaranteed lifetime income will be at any point in the future when you decide to turn it on.
  • No more trying to predict or worry about the next economic disaster.
  • No more taking chances with your money that you need for the rest of your life.
  • No more worrying about 40% of your money evaporating overnight just when you need it most.

Do You Want Your Retirement Money Riding On

Worry, Hope, & Good Fortune


Safety & Guarantees?

Do You Want To Retire On IFcome or INcome?

A Recent Survey Discovered The Top 5 Most Important Attributes

Of Retirement Financial Products

  1. Stable, predictable retirement standard of living.
  1. Guaranteed income stream for life.
  1. Guaranteed not to lose value.
  1. Protection against market downslide.
  1. Don’t need to think about it, stable, and predictable.

And We Have The Only Product That Meets All 5

Not one Fixed Index Annuity owner has ever lost their principal or profits

from market volatility or insurance company failure.

Not one time, not one dime!

· Traditional market inestments don’t offer this.

· Banks can't say this.

· Bondholders can’t say this.

· Money market owners can’t say this.

· Real estate investors can’t say this.

· Precious metal investors can’t say this.

· Variable annuity investors can’t say this.

There Are 5 Ways You Can Get More Information About Your

Safe & Guaranteed Retirement Solution

Then CALL US TODAY at (630) 985-9700 to discuss “Sleep” Insurance. Sleep insurance is being able to sleep at night and not worry about losing your money, losing your profits, or outliving your money. Guaranteed!